Karin Schenkel, the landlady

For 20 years it has been my dream to emigrate
to another country in order to open a guesthouse.

Now, after several journeys around the world instead of
opening a guesthouse in Argentina, I have opened a small but
beautiful B&B in the Bernese Oberland.

After all, I have emigrated, even if it is only from the very heart of
Zurich into the contemplative village of Meiringen.
My house and my garden are ready for service!

I have worked for 25 years within the psychosocial field so
I thought it’s time that I try something new.

My adventurous times where I have travelled the world are gone for
the time being, but now I’m ready to receive the world at my house.

I am looking forward to interesting encounters and
gladly welcome you as my guest in Meiringen.

bett und zmorge | Bahnhofstrasse 19 | 3860 Meiringen | Phone: 079 958 95 16 | info@bettundzmorge.ch